Building Multitenant Apps in Laravel

In fall of 2014, in response to dozens of questions from the Laravel IRC channel regarding multitenant apps, I proposed this course to Tuts+. The course acts as a primer for someone converting (or starting) an application into a multitenant architecture while keeping business concerns in mind. The course covers both single-database and multiple-database styles of multitenancy, and demonstrates the intricacies of each with Laravel.

Released: 10/09/2014

Topics Covered

PHP, Laravel, Multitenancy, Design Patterns

Object-Oriented Design in PHP

In winter of 2013-2014 I created Tuts+ Premium course targeted at teaching PHP developers some basic and advanced OOD concepts. The goal was to introduce the basic premise of OOD, demonstrate some examples of how to potentially improve code quality and testability, and also introduce some patterns and concepts to sharpen their skills. There were 16 episodes total and the source files are provided with the course.

Released: 12/13/2013

Topics Covered

PHP, OOD, Design Patterns, Hexagonal Architecture

Rails or Laravel: Building an App Twice

In late winter 2012-2013, I created a course for Envato's Tuts+ Premium where I built the same application in Rails and Laravel. The goal was to demonstrate how the same application could be built with either framework or language, along with present a survey of each platform. There are 15 lessons, and over an hour spent on each platform in total. All source files are provided in two git respositories with a Tuts+ Premium subscription.

Released: 01/22/2013

Topics Covered

Laravel 3.2, Rails 3.2, Environments, TDD, Authentication, Authorization, CRUD

Building Laravel Bundles with TDD

We begin building a bundle from scratch using TDD (test-driven development).

Released: 06/03/2012

Topics Covered

Laravel 3.2, Git, Vim, PHPUnit 3.6, PHP 5.4


Laravel 3.2 Application Walkthrough

I had to make an application to generate escort cards for my fiancée. About half way through, a user on freenode #laravel expressed interest in seeing what I was creating. I thought that overall this might make a good screencast as it is extremely simplistic and touches on a few neat areas of Laravel, and shows how fast you can get up and running. My screencast software wasn't too great so it clipped some audio at the beginning and makes reds appear awkwardly.

Released: 05/29/2012

Topics Covered

Vim, iTerm2, MySQL, Apache 2, PHP 5.4, Laravel 3.2, Firefox 12

Laravel 3.2 Pagination Demo

Demonstration of using Pagination in Laravel. Largely just an excuse to test my new microphone.

Released: 05/29/2012

Topics Covered

Laravel 3.2, Pagination